Liberty City Evolution

The Black Tide Rises

The Druid and Cyclone investigate an explosion, and find a large number of uniformly clad mercenary-types conducting a robbery on trailer-trucks from Morningstar Industries. They were backed up by a “Grunt” – an inhumanly strong, rage-filled monster.

After stopping their bloody attack, they realize that whatever these black-clad madmen were after, it was not in these trucks. They also realize that similar attacks are occurring all over Algonquin, targeting law enforcement in some cases, and targeting civilians in others.

Druid creates a “free passage area” rampaging up and down a major street in the form of a monstrous beast, routinely destroying the vehicles of the Black Tide and encountering several more Grunts.

Cyclone conducts an investigation of the trucks and the attackers, thwarting an incendiary bomb and learning specifics of the Black Tide’s equipment.

The two meet up at the police station to compare notes and plan the next step.


Marz Marz

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