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Liberty City
Liberty City has four boroughs:

As of 2014, the population of Liberty City is 8,563,637. The current mayor is James Mongelli while the Deputy Mayor is Bryce Dawkins. Thomas Stubbs III is Liberty City’s congressman.

Liberty City has a unique geography. Firstly, it is an island city that is surrounded by water. Consisting of four different boroughs (Broker, Dukes, Bohan and Algonquin) that are all separated by water and connected by bridge; with the exception of Broker and Dukes, which are connected by land. Smaller islands also exist around the main boroughs; including Happiness Island, Colony Island and Charge Island.

Liberty City’s housing architecture and style is a direct amalgam off of the style used in New York City. Brownstone rowhouses, terraced townhouses, low-rise apartments and urban tenements are commonplace; especially in the boroughs of Broker and Dukes.

Some of the more affluent neighborhoods; particularly in Dukes, have a higher concentration of larger single-family homes of Tudor Revival, Irish or Victorian style.

The borough of Algonquin hosts many modern landmarks and skyscrapers, in fact, Liberty City boasts some of the tallest Skyscrapers in the United States, with the most impressive being the Rotterdam Tower.

Various points of natural parkland can also be found throughout Liberty City, the largest of which being Middle Park in Algonquin.

Due to the size and population demand of Liberty City, housing projects, towers and urban complexes are also commonplace throughout the various boroughs. They are, however, often stereotyped as being low-income while breeding high-crime rates, despite some housing projects in Liberty City being more affluent and having a lower crime-rate. Housing projects in Liberty City include:

*Firefly Projects – Broker
*Steinway Projects – Steinway, Dukes
*South Bohan Projects – South Bohan, Bohan
*Northern Garderns Projects – Northern Gardens, Bohan
*Governor Greg Johnson Projects – Northwood, Algonquin
*Westminster Towers – North Holland, Algonquin
*Governor Greg R. Smith Houses – Presidents City, Algonquin
*East Holland Projects – East Holland, Algonquin

Parks of Liberty City include:
Middle Park – Algonquin
Middle Park Zoo
*Outlook Park – Outlook, Broker
*Welham Parkway – Boulevard, Bohan
*Steinway Park – Steinway, Dukes
*Gantry Park – Steinway, Dukes
*Meadows Park – Dukes
*Castle Gardens – Algonquin

The Liberty City Police Department has around 40,000 police officers who each serve many different roles, most notably “walking the beat” on patrol all throughout Liberty City. The LCPD is then organized into different divisions. They include the Highway Patrol Division, the Aviation Unit, the plainclothes Organized Crime Control Bureau and Anti-Crime Unit, the Harbour Unit, and the College Patrol Unit.

It’s no secret that various areas in Liberty City suffer from high crime rates; most likely brought about by the large number of gangs and criminal organizations in Liberty as well as a large underground black market in various areas – in particular the drugs trade, each fighting for control of the city and will use any means possible.

Statistically, parts of Broker and especially Bohan are notorious for their higher crime rates, gang violence and drug-trafficking market in the city. Most of the crime occurs in the deprived and run-down neighborhoods as well as the large projects/housing complexes around Liberty City. Bohan deserves a special mention as they often outperform the other boroughs in terms of crime rate with Broker often coming in second. The many projects and housing complexes around northern Algonquin also appear to be plagued by a high crime rate. Dukes appears to be the safest borough in Liberty City due to its heavy middle/upper-class influence but still contains a minority of areas with a higher crime rate.


The main form of transport throughout Liberty City is by road, there’s a fleet of taxis throughout the city, making it easier to transport through the city fast. There is a prominent freeway in each borough, with two in Algonquin and another stretching from Broker to Dukes. A bridge connects each island to Algonquin, with two from Algonquin to Broker and another from Dukes to Bohan.

There is also an extensive subway system, connecting the many areas of Broker, Dukes, Algonquin, and Bohan with two main routes. One serves inner Algonquin and Bohan, the other serves outer Algonquin and Broker/Dukes.

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