It’s been a year since the Black Sun Event. The Sun burned black for over two days, leaving the world wrapped in darkness.

From UN Secretary General Nicolas Sarkozy address to the United Nations, December, 2016:
“Human kind has come through a great darkness. The last four years since the Long Night have been a time of troubles for all of the earth. Who among us did not shudder in terror the night the stars were extinguished from our skies? Who among us did not think it truly the end of days when our own sun went out and gravity itself fluctuated like the tides?
“Buildings collapsed, the world over. Riots troubled our population centers. Crime cartels sprung up. The loss of life was staggering, but was dwarfed by what was to come.
“The sun returned, after a terribly long night. As the stars began to return to view as well, order seemed to be returning to the world. It is only now, one year later, that we can close that dark chapter of our history."

What is not publicly known is that in the aftermath of the Black Sun Event, people began to change, to evolve, becoming something more than human. It was a moment where everything changed. There was no explosion, no flash of light, but reality itself shivered. It went unnoticed by the bulk of earth’s residents, its passing noted by only a handful of enlightened people. But its effects would be far-reaching and dramatic.

Men and women were changing, becoming something else. Children were being born with abilities that could not be explained my traditional science. Some were horribly deformed, but many were gifted with abilities beyond those of mortal men. They were no longer completely human.

They were, in fact, super-human…

…and they were being watched.

Liberty City Evolution

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